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New Age Counseling for your Spiritual Journey

I am not new to the New Age approach to holistic healing through healing relationships, for our relationship with others is what can make us stressed. I have been studying spirituality for decades, seeking to raise the vibration of myself, my environment and the people I come in contact with on a daily basis. I do not teach anything you do not already know, I merely awaken the spiritual gifts which are within you.

Empowerment comes through knowledge, which is accessed as you travel along your spiritual journey. The self help books, articles, Reiki training, MP3 and CDs I have created will give you the healing tools you need to form new perceptions about old hurtful situations and then reveal to you the power which lies within the divine you to let go of the painful memory.

This is accomplished as you learn Reiki and receive your Reiki attunement. You can then take the information you have received from your Reiki class and healing therapy, then release your attachment to the knowledge and step into and claim your spiritual gift.

In this age of enlightenment the metaphysical student is advancing with great speed. They are opening to their gifts faster than they ever have before. You may find just by reading the series of Reiki books I have authored you will connect to your natural healing abilities. We each have an inherit knowledge and therefore open to our gifts in different ways. I am here to hold a sacred space for my students, readers and clients so they can easily access dimensions for higher learning and growth thus uncovering their inner gifts.

My teachings, Reiki course and spiritual guidance address the individual. You are given tools to empower and move forward, but you have a choice as to how to use those tools. I do not insist that you follow a dogma or process. There is clear guidance to get you started, but you may choose a different way to apply the information which I share. I like to allow my students to awaken to their own inherent healing and psychic abilities so they will develop their own techniques which will empower them.

As you apply the knowledge contained in the following material you just may find the healing love you begin to access may release the emotions from a relationship breakup, stop a panic attack, give back pain relief, open to a new way in understanding stress management and speed your spiritual growth. And the beauty of this is that you will find it is not that difficult to do when you come from your heart.


I bless you on your spiritual journey

Marnie Vincolisi

"Marnie comes from a space of love and compassion for her fellow man which shows in her teachings and treatments.
"                                                                  David G.

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